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Flea Resistant Line

Of all the exotic species that arrived in the Great Lakes via ballast water from ocean-going freighters, the one that continues to cause anglers the most grief is probably the fish hook water flea, followed closely by the spiny water flea. They can glom onto fishing line and make it look like a sausage. Not only do they make it impossible to reel the line through the guides, if you don’t clean your line of them or if a glob drops into your boat, the little crustaceans soon die and smell like rotten shrimp. Cortland used to make Flea Flicker Line, reportedly out of production now. This stuff was oval, which meant that when it twisted a bit, fleas would wash off.

Now, Blood Run Tackle has new Sea Flee, which isn’t oval, but round and made of super- slippery material that won’t let fleas latch on. Last year’s testers gave it rave reviews. The fact that it’s 30-pound test and big helps keep fleas off, too. Blood Run is in the midst of developing smaller-diameter 20-pound-test Sea Flee. The first production run was Clear, and company owner Capt. Gregg Mariuz said Niagara Green would be available this summer.

This line is so slick the company advises anglers to twist Sea Flee at least seven times before inserting into releases to prevent it from slipping.

The line is available in 300- and 1200-yard spools. For more information, check out www.bloodruntackle.com.

Great Lakes Angler