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Buying Gas In The United States

     Here's a great tip that I picked up a few years ago. Many times when you're trying to pre-pay in the United States, you need to enter a zip code after you slide your card through the card reader but Canadians have postal codes instead of zip codes, and these won't work. While I was fuelling up in Kentucky, the woman who worked in the gas station told me to use the numbers from my postal code, in order, and then add two zeros to the end, (skip the letters). So if your postal code is A1B 2C3, you’d enter 1,2,3,0,0 when the machine asked for your zip code. Sure
enough, I swiped the card and when it asked for the zip code I put in my postal code numbers and two zeros, and it worked. I’ve been doing this for the past couple of years and it’s taken the hassle out of pre-paying for gas in the United States.

Bob Izumi – Real Fishing